Elena Hoang
Elena HoangArtist

I was born in a small village in North-Eastern Romania and grew up in an intellectual but poor family with my loving parents and 2 older brothers. I was always creative as a child, making my own toys and games but I was never taught art at school. I finished my degree in IT and Statistics and in 2008 I moved to London, UK  for a better life.

My journey as an artist began in 2009 when I met my  husband Andy. At the time he was running a little art project called my REAL wall. The project asked people to send in postcards from around the world, and through the postcards that came in, I was introduced to handmade art. With the small size of the postcard canvas, I decided to give it a try myself and pretty soon I was hooked.

With my new found passion for art  I wanted to create all day but with a full time job and a long commute to work I didn’t have much free time. So in summer 2013 I gave up my job and moved to the Far East to pursue my passion for art and my oldest dream to travel the world.

In January 2014 I became serious about art and started to paint and draw almost every day. I am taking on-line courses on Art Tutor and Billy Showell and teaching myself various other crafts like crochet and embroidery.

I love painting flowers, birds and landscapes and I have the ambition to become a professional artist. Along with creating art, I have an interest in botany and conservation, love travelling and going for long walks.